Sense Of Ofir


What is WingFoil

The WingFoil, or Wing Surf, is a small wing that pulls you on a board, that will give you unique, accessible and fun sensations!

Wing riding is very playful, gives you a feeling of total freedom , like flying on the magic carpet!

How to practice WingFoil? You can practice anywhere, with family, friends or alone! The initiation takes place first on the beach, then on a paddleboard, to finish on a foil board. 

Lessons and Hire rate

Wing Foil Lesson

70 euros per hour

Wingfoil course program:

The Wingfoil course consists of three stages:

The first: Set up of the wing, safety instructions, the handling of the wing (the wing) with simulation of waterstarts, movements and finally transitions, all from the beach. (1hours)
The second: succeed in tacking, crossing, upwind ridng, all at very low speed on a board without the foil. (2hours)
The third: consists of acquiring more speed in order to navigate in the air on the foil. At the end of this first lesson, the more gifted will also be able to try their transitions and other tacks. (2hours)
All always at SoulKite, we will adapt our pedagogy to each of our trainees while taking into account your experience in other sports: kite, board, SUP, or foil. So eveyone is welcome.

Wing Foil rental

50 euros per hour

You already know how to wingfoil and you want to rent the equipment