Escape into the calm of the pine tree forest, surrounded by the river and Atlantic ocean. Amongst the blissful noise of crashing waves and local fauna, step away from the thinking mind and allow yourself to reset. With an unlimited view and beautiful surroundings, book a massage or yoga class. At Sense of Ofir you will find serenity, comfort, and equilibrium.

Surrounded by dunes and pine trees, enjoy the music of the birds and the sound of the waves, and delight your eyes with the astonishing natural environment. The peninsula’s beauty and peaceful atmosphere provides the ideal setting for you to connect with your inner self, with all the elements of nature and regain balance of body, mind and spirit.

We offer a wide range of activities that promotes your health and wellbeing. When you go back home you feel lighter, energised, peaceful, inspired, and with a new appreciation for life. Awake your senses, nurture your body, relax your mind and uplift your spirit – our aim is pampering you while you explore and spend some time with us in Esposende. Because you deserve it!


This service is a fusion of massage & reiki into one session. Combined with a blend of oils this massage stimulates the energy, restoring the balance of the body and the result is a feeling of lightness, relaxation and well-being on a physical & spiritual level. A true healing experience!

60 min | 70€
75 min | 80€
90 min | 90€


Reiki is a healing technique that uses laying-on of hands, where the practitioner acts as a
conduit between the person and the source of the universal energy. Reiki restores the energy of the body balancing the physic, mental and emotional plane.

60 min | 35€


The Tibetan bowl massage offers a unique sound healing experience. During the session, the bowls are gently struck, creating vibrations that spread throughout the body, promoting deep relaxation and energy balance. This ancient Tibetan technique has been recognized for its therapeutic benefits, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and restore inner harmony.

Private session | 60 min | 50€

Group session | 60 min | 25€ per person


It's a practice that synchronises the movement of the body with the breath, allowing one to deepen the sense of awareness resulting in a dynamic meditation. This flow of movement is excellent to increase the strength, flexibility, calmness, and focus of the body, mind and spirit.

1 class | 15€
3 classes | 40€
5 classes | 60€


Yoga therapy is typically conducted one-on-one. A personalized program using
different Yoga techniques is designed to meet the individual needs and help to ease the persons particular ailments.

Individual class | 60 min | 50€


Meditation is a way to train the mind, as fitness is a way to train the body. It's a practice in which the attention is focused on being mindful of the present, the breath and the functions of the mind, promoting awareness & cultivating wellbeing.

Private session | 30 min | 25€

Group session | 30 min | 10€


The paddle board will be your Yoga mat and the natural surroundings your studio! This class is designed to develop the balance and stability of the body and mind while connecting with the elements of nature.

Private lesson | 90 min | 50€
Group lesson | 90 min | 25€

Massages and Yoga courses are available to guests from outside the hotel. Booking is essential to secure your spot.