Need some space? Need to unwind? We offer the ideal complementation to your watersports practice. Gain flexibility and improve your performance!

At Sense of Ofir, escape into the calm of the pine tree forest, surrounded by the river and Atlantic ocean. Amongst the blissful noise of crashing waves and local fauna, step away from the thinking mind and allow yourself to reset. With an unlimited view and beautiful surroundings, book a massage or yoga course.


A meditative sequence designed to revitalise the mind and body. Improve flexibility, build strength and bring peace to a busy mind.

Our certified yoga teacher responds to every level and helps each individual on their personal path.


Ayurvedic treads the path of individualization, in the art of living at your own peace, a moment without a clock, in alignment with your essence connected to the heart, in its loving nature.

Reward yourself with massages and discover the benefits. Gaining strength, finding peace and going further in your overall wellbeing.

Massages and Yoga courses are available to guests from outside the hotel. Booking is essential to secure your spot.